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  • 1 Congrats 2017 Graduates!!!
    Congratulations to the Class of 2017! You have successfully completed a journey that is sought by many! The world is upon you, and your next few decisions may be some of the most important ones that you will ever make, so choose wisely. Feel free to browse through our resources, or contact us.
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    Thinking about college? We have plenty of resources that may aide in your decision making, and financial resources. Please contact us if you have additional questions.
  • 3 Mentor Program
    Our mentor programs are designed to help prepare students to get into college successfully. We can start getting you prepared as early as your Freshman year.
  • 4 Blue Ribbon Awards
    Announcing the Blue Ribbon Awards... Designed to recognize our partners in education. Click on the link to find out more.
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    Please Feel free to contact us. Click on the Contact Us Tab

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 College Preparedness Conference: An interactive conference, designed to help prepare incumbent high school students for gaining admissions into college as well as college life and have students receive admissions information from colleges.  This conference is designed to take place in the fall throughout various cities. 

Go to www.admissionsuinc.com/cpc for more info.

 College Success Conference: An interactive conference, designed to prepare high school seniors for college life, and help match interested seniors that have not chosen a college with colleges.  These conferences are designed to take place in the spring throughout various cities. 

Go to www.admissionsuinc.com/csc for more info


AUI Mentor Program: A program designed to groom a student into the right direction through individual coaching and constant contact.

Go to www.admissionsuinc.com/index.php/auiservices/mentor-program for more info.

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